Faith​-​Based Program

by Boys Kissing

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BWhite201 It's Good. Trust Me. Favorite track: Hell-o-tel.
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1st EP
recorded in a bedroom


released September 8, 2016

songs written and recorded by Boys Kissing.
artwork by RC

thank you to Keron, Andrew, Kelsey, Patricia, and Sabreena for their various contributions.



all rights reserved


Boys Kissing California

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Track Name: Faith-Based Program
there are sharks inside this temple and our prayers are their meat
and our smiles are all crooked so the liars always leak
and I'm trying not to think about it trying not to laugh
and I'm trying not to think about the hell that I will have

I don't wanna know the words to these hymns anymore
close your eyes understand it's a faith-based program

and the steeple is lurking and the pastor is gone
and the resonance of empty pews just leaves me hanging on
Track Name: Telephone
there's dial tones but no connection
I pulled the cord for your protection
from a thief with no gold in his hands
a love in a hole-ridden man

I'm tangled in your long hair
it won't take long to forget I'm there
like a voice in the back of your mind
that gives advice you never liked
Track Name: Hell-o-tel
I wonder what place
I won't want to be at today
my mind reflects in the sky
but I don't understand what
it's trying to say

desolation in this hotel
kids like you call it hell
I'm not staying with these demons
it was worth it while I did stay

I can't decide
if I'm a lunatic
my friends are gone
and I've never
felt more sick

are you living in the real world?

I don't care how sad I can be
I don't care how dark things can get
because I'm having a good time
Track Name: New Shoes
new shoes old face same time and place
not much has changed
I feel the same way
take back each word I said
so many problems in my head
but that's not all I am
I feel the same way

do you really wanna know what I'm thinking?
do you really wanna know what I think?

your fingers tap like stars twinkle the night
you say you're sorry for what? you're always right
I live in an ocean of insecurities
Japanese spider crabs and octilleries

let me inside of your head
I am dying maybe dead
gravity is not my friend
when you leave me
Track Name: Ammiel
come out of your room

you've been hit by bricks more comfortable
than the bed you're sleeping in
your lack of comprehension leaves you parallel to none
and the fruits of all your labors are left dried out in the sun
but don't just leave us waiting out here